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Providing marketing solutions is our business. Helping families is our passion.

    Preneed Funeral Program is a leading preplanning marketing organization, operating throughout the United States and Canada.

    Since Quinn Eagan, President and Founder of Preneed Funeral Program, first began selling preneed in 1978, his approach to preneed has only continued to grow and evolve, while still maintaining the systems that work and prove true year after year.

    With a family history in funeral service that dates back to the 19th century and a leadership team with more than 30 years of experience together, PFP has come a long way to provide your firm with the right tools for you to bring in more families to your funeral home and to keep the families you have.

    We have developed and refined marketing programs and services that are superior in the market place and effective inside your firm. But at the end of the day, providing marketing solutions is our business. Helping families is our passion, and we want to help you provide families with preneed solutions for their future and comfort in their times of loss.

    Whether you are seeking an active preneed marketing campaign, a soft, yet profound, aftercare program, a multi-faceted veterans program, or tools and resources to supplement your services that are working for you, we have you covered.

    PFP will help bolster your efforts to improve your market share, increase word-of-mouth advertising among the community you serve, and most importantly . . . assist your families at their time of need.

    Our trusted funding partner


    For almost 10 years, PFP has trusted Homesteaders Life Company as our partner in preneed. With a sole focus on preneed, Homesteaders is a steady, long-term funding vehicle for your preneed contracts. They have a commitment to you, to us, and to preserving the value of funeral service for years to come.

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      We are currently licensed in 34 states and across Canada.

      PFP by the numbers:

      • Our preneed and sales management team have been together for more than 30 years… that’s unity, continuity, and experience you can count on.
      • Most of PFP’s funeral home clients see an average increase of 300%.
      • We recruit, train, and mentor preneed counselors to be the best they can be. The typical counselor sells $750,000 to $1.2 million of funded prearrangements each year.
      • In 2010, PFP helped funeral homes fund 23,972 contracts.

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