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The Price of Freedom

Posted on: November 21st, 2014 by preneed

The Price of Freedom

The importance of including veterans in your preneed program

American Funeral Director, October 2011

I recently returned from a summer-long trek throughout Europe. Each country visited was filled with more culture, history, and pubs than you could ever imagine. However, one place I visited evoked an immensely moving experience filled with awe, inspiration and utter gratitude for my own country back across the Atlantic — Normandy.

When I eventually returned to America some time later, I began thinking about my experience in Normandy and how it related to the funeral industry. Countless American soldiers have courageously given their lives so that we may live in freedom. However, even with the staggering number of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, there are still over 22 million Veterans living in America today, which begs the question: What are we doing in the funeral industry today to honor these brave men and women? And is it enough?

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