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Marketing Systems

Developed and perfected by us. Customized to work for you and your families.

    PFP’s Marketing Solutions

    We offer marketing approaches that have proven, positive results, whether you are seeking an active direct mail program, a more subtle approach, like our powerful and moving “Remember When . . .” seminars, or social media support that will enhance community engagement. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

    We work with you on your level to provide as much or as little marketing support as you need. We can offer comprehensive systems complete with training, administrative services, and customized marketing materials or simply provide you with the tools you need so you can continue to run your programs the way you know how. We are here to provide support and will never disrupt what is working for you.

    In fact, we believe so much in what we do and in what we have done over the past 30 years, that we are willing to participate in the advertising costs of our programs. We know it works, and we know it will work for you.

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      Research and Development

      PFP’s extensive marketing research and development is the basis for each marketing program’s success. Each marketing campaign begins with a demographic analysis of your market followed by targeted mailing list development to create qualified prospects, which yield higher rates of success.
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      Customization and Implementation

      All marketing materials are customized to your fit and liking to suit the image, reputation, and mission of your funeral home. Having custom materials is essential to your campaign and vital to the perceived value of your services. It sets you apart from your competitor and brings your funeral home to the forefront of families’ minds.

    • Measuring and Reporting

      Measuring and Reporting

      We track and measure each aspect of a marketing campaign and give you access to real-time reporting, so together we can continue to get smarter in your market. With sales figures and campaign analysis before you, you will know what is working for you. Tracking results is both cost-effective and conducive to helping us refine future efforts for greater future success.


      Market Segmentation, the Power of Memories, and the Digital World

      Direct Mail

      Direct Mail

      “One size does not fit all” when it comes to our mailing strategy, which has been tested and proven for more than 3o years. After years of research and analysis, we have defined the profile of those who respond and those who buy and can now speak directly to these people. When you address the specific needs of your community and speak to what preplanning means for them, you reduce advertising costs and bring in more families to your funeral home.

      "Remember When . . ." seminars

      “Remember When . . .” seminars

      Taken on a journey through memories of old pastimes, games, clothing, and advertisements, attendees enjoy an evening of nostalgia as they learn of the benefits of planning ahead, so when the time comes their loved ones can share memories instead of dealing with the emotional aspects of planning a funeral. Attendees also have the option to receive a free ‘Memories’ booklet to serve as a guide in recording their life’s stories. Our seminars transform the taboo topic of talking about death and dying into an enjoyable evening filled with memories. View a testimonial.


      Social Media Support

      Whether you need help establishing a social media presence or strengthening your engagement, we have tools to help you accomplish all of your social media goals. It is hard to turn your back on free advertising and the ease of access to interact with your community on a daily basis. Learning how to utilize your networks effectively is an invaluable skill to have and one that you can easily implement with the right guidance.


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