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Track Leads. Measure Sales. Boost Efficiency.

    Utilizing market segmentation, automated follow-up, and real-time reporting, you will be able to track leads through the sales process and keep your funeral home top of mind for families weighing preneed and prefunding decisions.

    Our client funeral homes who have implemented NavCare speak of the tremendous success they have seen as a result. The NavCare system gives you new ways to reach out to families and to present them with the benefits of preplanning. Some of our clients have even had to hire additional staff to handle the influx of families interested in preneed as a result!

    With our innovative NavCare system, you get the advantage of:

  • Market Segmentation
    Market Segmentation

    Just as diverse as your families are their reasons for prearranging. We have analyzed records of past preneeds to determine what the typical preplanner looks like, and as a result found 64 corresponding characteristics. When you utilize this data and align your message to the market, you yield higher return rates, minimize cost, and better serve the families in your community.

  • Lead Tracking

    Lead Tracking

    Barcoded mail pieces allow you to scan and track inquiries from appointment to contract and maximize the time you spend with families instead of paperwork. NavCare creates higher efficiency, allowing you to keep your relationships with families at the forefront.

  • Automated Follow-up

    Automated Follow-up

    Whether or not inquiries result in a funded preneed contract, NavCare provides automated follow-up over time, from referrals to letters that continue to convey the different benefits of planning ahead. You maintain control and can decide to stop the letters at any time.

  • Real-time reporting

    Real-time Reporting

    We track and measure every move of our marketing campaigns, so we can continue to get smarter and improve. Past performance paves the path for greater future success. When utilizing one of our marketing systems, you will be able to track sales trends and production through data that updates in real time. By consistently measuring results of your marketing campaigns, you can establish track records that will determine your path for future success.

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