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  Jeffrey Wages   Wages & Sons Funeral Homes & Crematory

PFP has taken our [preneed] program in under 24 months from an average of around $400,000 annually to be on track this year to do $1.8 million in net preneed business. Their ability to track and evaluate our mail campaign has been huge for us. One thing that sets them apart is Quinn's family background in funeral service. He gets it and it shows in what he is able to do for our preneed business.

  Rich Sells   Johnson Consulting Group

 PFP provides unique marketing systems and comprehensive, meticulous training that when combined equals an unparalleled increase in families and preneed volume. Their success in large part comes from their extensive research of each funeral home they work with and each specific market. This allows them to determine  the most effective approach to gaining marketshare and enhancing profitability. I have always been impressed with the work they do, as funeral homes often more than double their preneed volume after working with Quinn and PFP. Quinn comes from a great family, is very reliable, and always stays true to his word. The results speak for themselves.

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