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Thirteen Folds

Honor Veterans. Create Relationships. Grow your Business.


    With more than 1,000 veterans dying every day, it is important now more than ever to provide our nation’s heroes with programs that educate them on their entitled government benefits and services that honor their legacy.

    Thirteen Folds will give you exclusive access to the tools you need to establish your funeral home as the premier resource for veterans in your community.

    We can also tell you precisely how many veterans are in your market and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly to ensure we are reaching the veterans in your community with the most appropriate and effective means of communication. Call us today to for a free analysis of the veterans in your area.



    As a member of the Thirteen Folds program you will be able to:

    Veterans-specific direct mail

    Employ marketing support to reach more veterans.

    Veterans-specific direct mail and seminars speak directly to veterans and their families and educate them on the importance of planning ahead and sharing their story with loved ones. Customized with your funeral home name and logo, our marketing systems position your funeral home as the premier resource for veterans and their families.

    Why Thirteen Folds?

    Click here to learn the significance of each fold in the American flag.

    Download our Thirteen Folds infographic.

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    Social Media

    Enhance your Social Media presence.

    A cost-effective resource, social media is a valuable tool you can use to engage with your followers on a more personal level and to enhance your presence in the community and among veterans. With the support of Thirteen Folds, you can position your firm as the funeral home for veterans with customized videos and images that illustrate your commitment to honoring the sacrifice of our nation’s heroes.

    veterans display

    Establish a Veterans Display.

    Enhance your selection room with the Veterans Display from Aurora Casket Company. When veterans and their families come in to your funeral home, the veterans display will give them a glimpse of the value your services provide.

    Veteran Stories

    Help Veterans tell their story.

    All veterans have a story to tell, and many may not realize the value their experiences hold to their loved ones. Through seminars and custom events at your funeral home, you can invite the veterans in your community to come share and record their stories of wartime to be preserved as a memoir. Help them create a lasting legacy for their loved ones and future generations.

    Cards of Remembrance

    Nurture your relationship with veterans on national days of remembrance.

    Memorial Day and Veterans Day provide a great opportunity for you to reach out to the veterans in your community and thank them for their service. Veterans and their families will appreciate the good will, and they won’t forget your funeral home.


    Click here to visit the official Thirteen Folds website for more information.

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