Who will carry on our legacies? Most often, we will say our kids. And the generations that will follow. But what about our online legacies?

With so many digital footprints being left behind after the death of a loved one, this poses the question of who is the guardian of these online legacies and what is the most appropriate way to grieve in a digital space?

With over a billion users on Facebook, the social network is left with thousands upon thousands of profiles each year of those who have passed away, according to an article by Kate Humphrey of the StarTribune titled “Facebook is changing the way we grieve.”

Facebook even has an option to ‘memorialize’ a profile, preventing the deceased’s page from actively appearing in advertisements and in search results for friend requests. However, users can still post loving remembrances and messages on their wall.

It is an aspect of the 21st century that we have never dealt with before, and, suddenly, the digital age has ramifications for every aspect of our lives, including death.

Check out this article and let us know what you think. Have you had a friend on Facebook who passed away? How was the mourning process exhibited on their profile? How would you like your profile to be memorialized?


Facebook is changing the way we grieve