Our “Raise Your Hand” marketing approach ensures preneed counselors are only spending time talking to families with an expressed interest in pre-planning.

That means no aggressive sales tactics and no blindly knocking on doors trying to talk to families who may or may not want to talk about planning their funeral.

With our researched, tested, and proven marketing techniques, we only reach out to families who have essentially raised their hands to find out more about how pre-planning can benefit them and their loved ones.

Our marketing systems are a result of 40 years of experience accumulating and studying data to determine the unique characteristics of those who decide to pre-plan. This allows us to better match the message to the individual, so preneed counselors are better positioned for success.


Our lists analyze 75+ separate characteristics of those most likely to pre-plan to maximize the return on marketing efforts.


To achieve a greater rate of success, we segment the market into pre-defined groups more likely to pre-arrange based on various factors.


Each message is carefully crafted to speak to each segment of the market. When the message is matched with the individual, preneed counselors are better positioned for success.

Raise Your Hand Marketing for funeral homes

Family Connections Center

For smaller firms unable to support a full-time preneed counselor, we have established the Family Connections Center to facilitate more active preneed programs for these firms. Raise Your Hand marketing accounts for the needs of families. Representatives in the Center will be able to follow up on leads and set appointments with families on behalf of your firm, ultimately boosting your preneed sales and allowing you to reach more members of your community. Most of our partner funeral homes who currently utilize the Family Connections Center have doubled their preneed sales.