When you partner with PFP, it truly is a partnership.

We work together so that all of our programs reflect the unique brand and message of your funeral home. And we stay with you every step of the way, through each phase of our programs.

See below to find out what you can expect with PFP on your side.

Our Approach, marketing partner for funeral homes, marketing services for funeral homes

Research and Development

Our partnership begins with a demographic analysis of your market to help us better understand your community and the motivations that lie behind the decision to pre-plan.

Customization and Implementation

After studying your service area, we work with you to develop a customized marketing approach. All materials utilized are customized to reflect your image, your values, and your message. It is important to us that the programs you employ are an accurate reflection of your funeral home so families know what they can expect when trusting your funeral home for their family’s needs.

Measuring and Reporting

We track and measure every aspect of your marketing campaign and give you reports along the way, so together we can see what is working for you and what is resonating with families. Measuring the program’s performance gives us tools to continue to refine the program for greater future success.

Our Trusted Funding Partner

For more than a century, families have turned to Homesteaders for reliable preneed funeral funding and since 2006, PFP has trusted Homesteaders as our partner in preneed. Not only is Homesteaders a premier player in the preneed marketplace, their sole focus is on preneed. Thus, they are a reliable, trusted, and stable long-term funding vehicle for families’ preneed contracts. They have an unwavering commitment to funeral homes and families across the country and to preserving the value of funeral service for years to come.

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