In 1978, Quinn Eagan began his career working at his family’s funeral home, owned and operated by the Eagan family since 1854.

Preneed was a pretty new concept at the time, not something many funeral home owners or families were very familiar with. Quinn brought two partners on board, Michael O’Dwyer and Craig Henry, and together they experimented with many different marketing techniques to try and find a system that families really connected with. Through each attempt, they remained determined to find a system that worked because they believed in preneed that much, in how it can help families and in how it can help funeral homes build a sustainable future.

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Through constant research, testing, and measuring, they found a preneed program that resonated with families and that their funeral home believed in.

With an active preneed program in place, they grew the business from 325 calls to over 800. Other funeral homes began calling them to help them grow their business and eventually they were working across the U.S. and throughout Canada. And that’s how Preneed Funeral Programs was born. Since then we’ve sold over $4 billion in funded preneed policies.



history of preneed funeral services