Tomorrow, August 29th, marks the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

During one of the most challenging times in the lives of our PFP family, most of our staff lost their homes, their belongings, and were left stranded from their hometown for months as we all rebuilt our homes and our city.

During this trying time, countless numbers of those in our personal lives as well as those we work with within the funeral industry were there for us, whether they were sending supplies to help us rebuild or standing right beside us as we sorted through the debris of what was left of our homes. Homesteaders Life Company became more than just our insurance partner.

Through the generosity of their leadership and staff, we received trailers filled with everything from towels and sheets to toasters and coffeemakers so we could begin to furnish our new homes and our new lives. Moreover, with their help, we were able to set up a temporary office in Baton Rouge, which allowed us to keep functioning and to keep serving our client funeral homes.

With employees scattered throughout the region, locating them and communicating with them was difficult. Payroll was from a laptop with store-bought checks and home printers, but we never missed a paycheck for those working for us around the country. Our team in Canada was able to take over the phone system, even though AT&T had said it couldn’t be done. The staff of Assurant voted to cancel their Christmas party and send the allocated funds to PFP. Another example of the incredible generosity with which we were blessed.

There are so many stories associated with this time, but we all persevered and we all came out stronger than we were before. As we look back on this unforgettable day in our beloved city’s history, we choose not to dwell on the destruction or the loss, but rather the generosity and benevolence of those around us who helped us rebuild and revitalize the city of New Orleans.