Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Preneed Funeral Programs (PFP) took home the top awards for production in 2016 at the annual Homesteaders Leaders Conference held March 1-5 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

PFP received the Daniel M. Voecks Sales Achievement Award for Volume for the 4th consecutive year, as well as the award for Paid Annualized Premium. Both awards recognize the highest achievements of a marketing organization during the calendar year.

Quinn Eagan, President and Founder of PFP, accepted the award. “We create a vision, and the personalized one-on-one training and weekly mentoring that our trainers provide out in the field help bring that vision to life,” Eagan said. “Our sales counselors, the funeral homes we work with, and our marketing and administrative staff in the home office bring it all together, which allows us to reach the numbers we have. It truly is a group effort.”

With 28 of PFP’s sales counselors qualifying to attend the conference this year, six were represented in the top 10 overall producers and two took home top awards. PFP’s top counselor took home the James O. Wilson Personal Achievement Awards for Volume and for Paid Annualized Premium and another PFP counselor received the Dennis G. Kerschen Persistency Award, which recognizes the highest achievement in persistency during the calendar year.

Held annually, the Homesteaders Leaders Conference recognizes achievement in sales by marketing organizations and sales counselors in a calendar year.