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Today, there are over 22 million living veterans in the United States. That’s over 22 million acts of courage in the name of our country’s freedom. On Veterans Day, we remember all of these brave men and women for their service to our country, and while we should celebrate and honor their heroism everyday, we call special attention to their service on days like today.

We can recognize their service through simple acts of gratitude that take no time at all but make a huge difference in the lives of our veterans. While some acts may take future planning, there are many things you can do right now to commemorate Veterans Day and what it represents.

      1. Post a picture, video, quote, and/or message of gratitude on your social media networks.
        Utilizing social media to reach the veterans in your community takes no time at all and is an easy way to reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time. Post an inspiring photo accompanied by a quote remembering the service of veterans. Share a moving video recognizing the valor of these men and women. Or simply post a heartfelt message thanking veterans for their service and acknowledging their sacrifice. Social media should not be overlooked, especially on days like today where you have an opportunity to instantaneously engage with the veterans and their families in your community.


      1. Make a donation to your local veterans organization.
        Veterans fight hard when in battle, but the battle doesn’t end when they return home. Many veterans struggle at home, especially when it comes to health care, jobs, and education. By making a donation to one of your local veterans organizations, you can play an important part in ensuring veterans receive the care they deserve. They have given so much, and you can show your gratitude through a donation, whether large or small.


      1. Cards of RemembranceSend a heartfelt card to the veterans in your community
        This may take some planning, but it is easy to do and the impact is invaluable. Sending a card to veterans on Veterans Day and thanking them for their service is a great way to commemorate the holiday. Also, personalization goes a long way. With a customized message and handwritten signature, you can make a big impact in the lives of veterans and their families.


      1. Buy a veteran lunch . . . or host veterans for lunch in your funeral home or at a local restaurant.
        If you go out to lunch or go grab a coffee and see a soldier in uniform or a veteran in an armed forces hat, offer to buy his/her lunch or next cup of coffee. It’s the small random acts of kindness that make the biggest differences and are often so simple to do. Moreover, this is something you can do any day of the year. Expanding upon this idea, for the next Veterans Day, why not invite the veterans in your community to a lunch at your funeral home or at a nearby restaurant? They will love gathering with their peers and sharing stories. This is a great way to honor the veterans in your community and to let them know that you are here to serve them today and in the future.


      1. Wear an American flag pin.
        Wearing a flag pin is such a simple gesture that speaks volumes to those you come in contact with. By donning this throughout the day, you are letting everyone know that you support our soldiers and veterans. And by doing so in your funeral home, you also let everyone know that your funeral home supports veterans and will provide services that honor and commemorate the sacrifice of the brave men and women who fought for our country.

Whether big or small, the acts of gratitude you do today are all meaningful for veterans and their families. It is important that we set time aside to really think about the veterans in our country and what we can do to show our appreciation for all that they have done. There are many things you can do, and I am sure many of you do this and more to ensure our veterans are celebrated. So share with us . . what have you done today to thank a veteran?