Dear friends,

On days like today, it is important to remember and to acknowledge those moments and experiences that bind and unite our nation together. September 11, 2001 was such a moment. One that made us all rise together, not as divided political parties, but as one united nation and made us all proud to be Americans. So it is on this day of remembrance that we all reflect on that day 11 years ago. We remember where we were. We remember what we saw. We remember how we felt. And in this moment of reflection, we must remind ourselves what it is that makes us all Americans. It is our resilience to stand strong in the face of adversity, our generosity to give back to those who were affected by the tragedy, and our pride to unite as one in spite of differences. So in the spirit of patriotism, we, as Americans, want to ask that you take this day to commit one act of kindness for someone else. It can be as small as smiling to a stranger or as large as donating to the cause.

911 Day is a movement created to inspire positive acts in remembrance of 9/11. Feel free to visit their page and join their movement.

How will you remember 9/11? How will you instill positivity into this day?

Today, we are not simply funeral professionals. Today we are all just Americans.

God Bless America.

The 9/11 Day Movement